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Mercedes-Benz Air Conditioning Service:

Is your air conditioner not cooling like it used to? You don’t have to sit in a hot car while sweating bullets. Give Mercedes Service Repair a ring and book an appointment with our team of professionals. We’ll set up a full performance test and detailed diagnosis to identify the problem. Whether that problem be a minor maintenance or more urgent issue, this team is always ready and eager to help your needs.

Mercedes-Benz Alignment Service:

Your Mercedes is your best friend. Whether it takes you to work, to dinner, or to a social event,  your car is your transportation genie. So why not return the favor and treat your Mercedes like your wish come true? It’s advised to get your wheels aligned periodically in order to get that smooth feel as you drive down the road, so come in to Mercedes Service Repairs for that perfect and precise alignment.

Mercedes-Benz Alternator Service:

Why wait until your engine loses power and you have to scramble around Kendall looking for a new battery? Just bring your Mercedes to Mercedes Service Repairs, specifically when you start hearing strange sounds that resemble knocking or grinding while driving. Our esteemed professionals will help repair your alternator without any need for scrambling.

Mercedes-Benz Battery Replacement Service:

A car battery should be checked on a regular basis, but most people wait until they’re stranded in a parking lot asking a stranger for jumper cables. Don’t be that person. Just come into Mercedes Service Repairs and we’ll gladly check for any wear and tear in the battery. No jumper cables necessary.

Mercedes-Benz Brake Repair Service:

Have you ever driven your car extra slow, with extra care, because your brakes feel too loose? Faulty brakes can quickly escalate to a dangerous situation for you and any passenger you may have in your car. Don’t put your life, or anyone else’s, in danger. Stop by Mercedes Service Repairs and take advantage of our brake repair and replacement services.

Mercedes-Benz Cabin Air Filter and Air Filtration Service:

Your air filter cleans out any dust, pollen, bacteria, or debris from the air that files into the interior of your car. If your filtration system is faulty, odds are, bacteria will be traveling into your breathing space. If you don’t want that bacteria in your lungs, stop by Mercedes Service Repairs for a filtration service that will leave you breathing the freshest air you can get.

Mercedes-Benz Auto Detailing Service:

Tired of your car’s appearance and smell? At Mercedes Service Repairs, we listen to your wants and needs. Stop by and we’ll give your car the most luxurious makeover and cleaning. You’ll feel as if you just walked out of the dealership with a brand new Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz Clutch Service and Repair:

Every car needs a right hand-man. In this case, the clutch happens to be where you place your right hand as you switch gears. Switching gears often, however, can wear and tear the clutch, which requires replacement. At Mercedes Service Repairs, we specialize in clutch replacement and repair, as well as vehicle hydraulic systems that will have your clutch feeling as smooth as silk.

Mercedes-Benz Cooling System Service:

Your cooling system should be examined at least twice a year. If your cooling system is faulty, you may have an overheated car on your hands. Overheated cars typically increase in temperature, decrease the cool air from your A/C system, have green or red liquid found on the floor toward the front of your car, and has a faulty cooling fan. If you want to prevent any of these car symptoms, stop by Mercedes Service Repairs for a replacement cooling system.

Mercedes-Benz Diagnosis and Tune Up Services:

Just like you need to visit the doctor for a routine check up at least once a year, your car needs to visit a repair shop for a professional check up. Lights flashing on your dashboard or erratic driving are signs your car needs to see a car technician. Stopping by our repair shop before it’s too late will provide you with the best diagnosis you will find in Miami. The best part? The diagnosis is free.

Mercedes-Benz Car Diagnostic Services:

To ensure that you receive the absolute best and most accurate diagnostic services, Mercedes Service Repairs has teamed up with Bosch, the world’s leading petrol inspection system and testing equipment manufacturer. Our technology is fresh with the latest equipment that will guarantee an accurate identification and solution to any car management faults.

Mercedes-Benz Electrical Diagnosis Service:

Every single car model and style must meet one requirement: a continuous source of energy from the electrical system. By getting your electrical system checked regularly, you guarantee that your vehicle will start up quickly, that your battery will last longer, and that the overall function of your vehicle will remain preserved. We will guarantee your safety and your passengers’ by fixing any electrical issues found in your car.

Mercedes-Benz Engine Services:

Don’t cut your Mercedes’ life short by ignoring its engine problems. By taking care of your engine, your car’s life will last longer. Although engine problems can be complex, our technicians are highly trained to diagnose and fix whatever engine problem your car has.

Mercedes-Benz Fuel System Flush Services:

Do you feel like you pay for gas more often than you should? With gas prices constantly spiking, this fuel system flush will help you save money while helping you maintain a healthy car. The fuel system flush service provided by our professionals helps remove dirt and chemical debris from your fuel system, which will allow your vehicle to accelerate without being sluggish, and give your vehicle better overall performance.

Mercedes-Benz Auto Maintenance Services:

You don’t want to end up on the side of the highway waiting three hours for a tow truck, do you? Prestige Auto Tech provides excellent maintenance, from rotating your tires to checking the fuel filter. Call now, before you end up spending money on both a tow truck and maintenance services.

Mercedes-Benz Oil Change Services:

Do you feed your Mercedes the best oil in the industry? Mercedes Service Repairs not only has the best oil and equipment to use on your car’s oil change, but the professionals pride themselves in being honest with you and not only fixing your problem, but also honestly  informing you of the problem and the best permanent solution for it.

Mercedes-Benz Rack and Pinion Service:

The best part about being a Mercedes driver? Maintaining control. If you feel like your car has been a little out of control lately, the rack and pinion may be disbalanced. At Mercedes Service Repairs, our technicians will make sure that you get your control back by inspecting and repairing any rack and pinion problems you may have.

Mercedes-Benz Radiator Replacement Service:

Is your car heating up for unknown reasons? If so, you may have a radiator problem on your hands. Bring your car to Mercedes Service Repairs for a diagnosis and radiator repair service. Rusting, leaking, or heating could be causing irreversible damage to your radiator, which is supposed to keep your engine cool.

Mercedes-Benz Wheels Auto Shop:

Do you want the best rims and tires in Miami? Mercedes Service Repairs offers the best quality products for your car. Drive around in style by stopping by the best Mercedes service shop in Miami and giving your rims and tires a makeover.

Mercedes-Benz Steering and Suspension Services:

Everyone likes a smooth ride. By taking care of your steering and suspension services at Mercedes Service Repairs, you’re guaranteed a more balanced and stabilized driving experience. The steering and suspension of your vehicle is what keeps your wheels firmly intact on the ground, which is crucial in preventing the car from diverting to the other side of the road.

Mercedes-Benz Window Regulator Repair:

Your window can be your lifesaver whether it’s cold, hot, raining, or breezy outside. Having a faulty window regulator can leave you with the windows down, or up in the most inopportune times. You don’t want to get stuck with your windows down in the middle of one of those South Florida rainstorms? Bring your Mercedes to us and a skilled team of professionals will help with any window regulator repairs you may need.

Mercedes-Benz Transmission and Radiator Flush Services:

Why wait until your engine and gears become faulty and you are stuck paying an arm and a leg to get it fixed? Our Mercedes repair shop will keep your car running smooth with a regular transmission and radiator flush and service.

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